Grace is a fan of spicy numbing food

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Grace is a fan of spicy numbing food

March 9, 2021

Grace Chu is an accountant at OCAV. She is was born and raised in Shanghai, born and raised. Her culture has had a huge influence on her cooking.

“I am a big fan of spicy numbing food. It reminds me of the weekends spent with my parents in winter.

My mum likes to make a big pot when she finds herself with a little of this and some of that and don’t know what to do with the ingredients.”

Mala Stir-Fry Pot 


Lotus root, sliced

Celery stalks, thinly sliced

Red and green capsicum, diced


Garlic cloves

Sticky rice cake tube

Prawn (remove the intestinal tract, cut the sharp spine/discard the head and cut off the legs)

Chicken wing nibbles

Shaoxing Wine

Hot pot soup base sauce (spicy)


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