Leith Park – it is all in the name

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Leith Park – it is all in the name

April 27, 2019

Leith Park is named after Arthur C Leith who became a Life Governor of OCAV in 1949, and later that year was appointed to the Association’s Council. In 1954, Leith was elected President and remained in that position until 1965.

Describing OCAV as his favourite charity, his generosity knew no bounds. He donated money to buy the land on which Leith Park was built. As a result, OCAV was able to open its second village for older Victorians.

Leith was a practising architect of the Melbourne firm, A C Leith, Bartlett and Partners, Architects and Engineers, the practice behind the designs for Braeside Park and Currie Park.

Arthur Leith died in 1972. Leith Park was named after him to recognise his munificence.

The Leith Park family continued its association with OCAV in 1965 when George Burridge Leith, Vice President, guided the organisation through the many challenges faced as the village was built.

Caption: Leith enlisted in the Australian Army in 1940 and served in the Middle East from 29 November until 25 March 1942.

“I remember when I walked into the carpet bowls and the people greeted me and made me feel I had been here all my life,” said Bernard Pidd who, with his wife Jean, moved into Rushall Park after losing their home in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

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