Welcome to Rushall Park’s garden party

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Welcome to Rushall Park’s garden party

July 25, 2019

Rhys Corr will be done up as a scarecrow at the Rushall Park 150th anniversary garden party on Sunday 27 October to add some fun, nostalgia and colour to the day. But he will also have something serious to tell people who come to look at the village’s beautiful gardens.

Rhys, a horticulturalist for 19 years, will be talking about the importance of gardens and plants in people’s lives, particularly for the residents at OCAV’s Rushall Park village in North Fitzroy.

“Our gardens are extremely important because they make a lot of people happy and they keep residents connected to nature. They offer a place to meet, have a drink under the shade and enjoy the beauty surrounding them,”Rhys said.

“When a resident moves into Rushall Park they often leave behind a much loved garden and this can be a big loss in their life. We encourage residents to create a new garden and if they have been able to bring some of their plants with them we can help them in planting and getting their new adventure started.  Some of our residents are unable to actively work in the garden but still enjoy the benefits they offer through just looking, smelling and touching plants.”

Five scarecrows and Rhys, will adorn the gardens at the Rushall Park open day and three have been made for the Leith Park village celebrations. The scarecrow construction crew includes Rushall Park residents Margaret Finlayson and Helen Austin, head gardener Marika Pedrioli and Rhys. Clothes have been sourced from op shops and resident donations. The Scarecrows will be made predominantly from straw, twine and the head from stockings stuffed with cushion/pillows.

Rhys said scarecrows have been around for thousands of year and serve as a great help to humans in protection of their garden crops. Though not as common as they once were, scarecrow making can be a lot of fun.

Watch out for the talking scarecrow who will have lots to say about the health benefits of gardens and may even have a few tips on how to make a good scarecrow.

“There is a great community feel throughout the village and plant sharing is very popular. Through the communal veggie garden and Herb Garden residents can help themselves to a variety of tasty offerings throughout the year. Residents also like to share cuttings or seeds from their own gardens as well as plant knowledge on a certain rose or how to grow a particular plant,” Rhys said.

The Rushall Park gardens also mark the history of the village, with some very old trees. Rhys’ favourite tree is the large elm at the Rushall Crescent corner, which has been aged at around 90 to 100 years.

Admission to the Garden Party is free but bookings are essential.


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